Frequently Asked Questions


Why would I invest in Kanata Foods Co-Op Inc.?

Kanata Foods Co-Op Inc idea was born from the several requests from entrepreneurs
about finding the right food processing service for their business and the several
challenges faced by them when trying to start their own processing facility.

Do you have a great product that you want to launch into the market but lack the
investment and resources needed to start your own operations?

Do you started your processed food business but are unable to grow with your
existing production model?

Do you want to expand your food processing operations but feel overwhelmed by
regulations and costs?

Can you raise some money to invest but not enough to start your own

Do you want to get involved in your community and contribute to the economy of
the region?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you should invest with us!


Is this investment risky?

There are inherent risks to establishing any business, but co-op enterprises have much higher success rates than conventional businesses, in fact, the 5-y survival rates of coops double that of private enterprises. Our model decreases risks for many reasons:


  • The model developed by experts in the food processing area with several successful business owners


  • We work with members to create a solid business plan, that way we increase the success rate of all our individual members

  • The high risks proper of food processing are distributed within several businesses, so if one business fails we have several more to sustain operations.


What are the terms of value of shares and loans?

Individual Investments start with a membership fee of $1,000, as projects evolves members have the opportunity to invest as loans or buying shares. As funding opportunities open, member will have the opportunity to invest in common projects or individual projects with help of federal or provincial funding.


Do Kanata Foods Co-op Inc operates a processing facility?

Some of Kanata Foods Co-op Inc MEMBERS own their food processing plants. We work with these facilities to offer services to other members and non members.

How will my money be invested?


Capital raised by selling of shares and loans will be used for support Kanata Foods Co-op Inc operations, support funding for acquiring equipment, securing and renovating  spaces, developing Food Safety and Quality standards for our members, marketing and distribution initiatives, etc. It is important to know that members only need to invest on projects that will benefit them, in amounts proportional to the benefits they get. We are a Non-for-profit that aims to contribute to the economic growth of our members and our communities.


Why is this model a better option for me than a Food Venture Centre?

Ontario counts with a few, excellent ventures centers that offer their clients the opportunity to rent a space or work with them to produce small batches, develop new products, create labels, etc. They are a good opportunity to start a small food business. However, these centers are limited in the volumes they can handle, the way you can operate, and where you can market your products. When these centers become too small for you, if you cannot access them because of location, then you should talk to us. Kanata Foods Co-op Inc offers you the opportunity to invest in an enterprise where you get to take decisions and be involved in the growth of your own business and the cooperative operation.


What if I want to leave the co-op in the future?

Kanata Foods Co-op Inc is regulated by the Co-operative Corporation Act, which states that shares and loans must be redeemed upon membership termination unless this will be harmful to the cooperative stability. In that case, the member shall wait until the
coop has the financial stability to redeem the investment. There are limitation to this clause, which will be made clear as investments are sold.


Is the capital coming just from members?

No. Investments from members and non-members will be used to support grant applications and loan from private ventures. In addition, services will be offered to non-members to contribute with the operating expenses of the Co-op.


Is the Co-op only about food Manufacturing?

No, as any co-op Kanata Foods is based on 7 principles; Voluntary and Open Membership – Democratic Member Control – Member Economic Participation – Autonomy and Independence – Education, Training, and information- Cooperation among cooperatives – Concern for community-. Therefore, Kanata Foods has a whole program of community involvement including partnerships with Universities and Colleges, Ventures centers, Municipalities, other co-ops, and organizations. We are a real social enterprise.


Where can I find more info?

“By joining the co-op you become the owner of your processing business, you enjoy the benefits of in-house professional services and programs while contributing with the development of your community through improved economy, training, cooperation and collaboration.”