Finding hard to comply with new regulations?

Join Kanata Foods Co-op Inc and work with other business like you to design, implement, and evaluate Foods Safety Management Systems that adapt to the size of your business and budget. Join forces, get access to public funding, share resources.

The Food Industry in Ontario is always growing, always changing. Ontario is after all, the largest food producing jurisdiction in Canada and among the three
largest in North America.It is common to hear from processors and others involved how they feel overwhelmed by the constantly and changing regulatory environment, how thay are challenged by high compliance costs and the complexity of the system, and how they cannot access new or wider markets because of the regulatory issues. One way Ontraio processors can grow is to access inter-provincial and international markets. To do so, Ontario processors needs to comply with the CFIA SafeFood for Canadians Regulations (SFCR). The SFCR involves licencing, traceability and preventive control plan. Kanata Foods members are joining to collaborate together to assure that even the smallest food processor has enough funding and tools to comply with the regulations.