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About Kanata Foods



While we thrive to impulse the 7 core values of the cooperative movement, we want to make sure that our members achieve economic success, therefore our financial model includes the sale of shares and bonds, which will allow our facility to be optimized and perform with the highest standards of the food Industry.

Kanata Foods Co-op Inc financial structure enables the Co-op to create an unusual combination of finance streams, including at least 51% of members invoices but being supported by pay-per-use services offered to non-members which secures our services capacity and diversification of the operating income. Kanata Foods Co-op Inc is not a typical food processing operation,is a network of processors; together we offer services like co-packing, product development, business development, marketing services through farmers’ markets, food shows, international business field trips, financial assistance through joined grants applications, loans, and the capitalization through private and community-based fundraising campaigns.

Our Financial Model

Kanata Foods Co-p Inc is a non-for-profit new generation co-op with goals of creating a network of food processing enterprises contributing to the economic and social development of Ontario.We connect SME's involved in the processing and distribution of food products, contributing to business to business collaboration, resources optimization, business growth and social empowerment.

Kanata Foods Co-op Inc differs from other organizations in that the decision-making is made democratically among all members, one member, one vote. As a Co-op we pursue the autonomy and independence of our organization, we are committed to training, education, and community involvement.


Kanata Foods Co-op Inc offer services such as Food Product Development, Business development, networking, shared funding programs, partnerships for distribution, marketing, research, etc.